The Chronicles Adventures of Choir

For the sake of God, this might even make you cry happily.

For the longest amount of time since I left Kingwood High School Choir, I still yet regret for notbeing there. How can I notbe there when my friends need me so desperately? Why did I even leave?

It’s been almost 3 years. I met so many incredibly talented friends there and shared a connection. I took this personally to take the class for 4 years when I was planning out my high school plan but it didn't work out in the long term, leaving a year behind.

Although, I had some extremely awesome memories that I will never forget for a lifetime. However, It was extremely difficult choice for me to leave the class because I had to take another elective class.

Since my freshman year, I began with the easy music pieces to begin. The secret is I hadn't sight-read in less than a year. I never talked to any of my classmates until later of the year. There are 2 concerts in the fall and another 2 in the spring.

The 2 concerts in the fall are:

  1. Fall Concert (Usually in somewhere in October)
  2. Christmas Carol (The week of December 8)

And the other 2 concerts in the spring are:

  1. Major Works (Depending on the timeline)
  2. POP SHOW! (January 30)

I seriously loved Choir so much that made the relationship inseparable.

It's unbelievable that so much things has happened for the first 2 years. It was really awesome, funny and lovable all at the same time!

When I was at Choir Lock-in back in 2012, it was fantastic way to meet new people and talk with my closest friends. Also, I had the chance to play with them with the activities they had set up. (I.e. A friend's Xbox, dancing with the DJ, etc.)

Seriously, I miss everyone there to death. I can't handle the amount of love that I've shared with everyone. It was so perfect that I didn't want to leave at all.

We all have the moments where we just grow up over time.

Where the time has gone? I want to be simply back in the class to have fun and do the same things all over again. ☺

In the end, it was not my choice to leave.

With ❤.

P.S: I will be back soon(er).