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Twitter was the second media account I had for years after I initially made my Facebook account back in 2009. I cherish every moment and opportunity I've taken on the social platform.

TLDR: I decided to leave Twitter because I found that I am not using the platform as I used to. It was a complicated action because it was the second oldest account I made years ago. I felt I did not need to keep it up anymore. It is time for me to move forward and seek other ventures. I want to thank everyone who followed me on the platform, and I will miss every single one of you out there.

Years ago, I joined Twitter to connect with friends and the like-minded people I wanted to follow throughout my journey. It was the new kid on the block that everyone was talking about, and I believed it. Initially, it wasn't as big as it is now. In the platform's early days, it used to be 140 characters long tweets and was very short compared to present-day 280 characters. To me, it was very short for me to tweet anything longer than 140 characters, and I worked with splitting the single tweet into multiple posts only to prove a point. It was a very interesting workaround.

In those years, I wanted to expand my arsenal of tools to work with my Twitter account to make it unique for my case. To mention a few companies: HootSuite, TwitLonger, Zapier, and many more. These were some of the best tools I've used in a long time, and they were a game changer for me. It grew in the importance of how you are positioning yourself to the world. You're broadcasting your message and your brand to the public, which will be heard from left and right. Marketing yourself what you want to achieve can be done in private. There is no other way around it. I made mistakes in the past during the journey throughout the platform as a regular user.

Starting today, I am no longer be pursuing to go on Twitter for the foreseeable future and have deactivated my account. There is no longer a need to keep up with my own Twitter account, and therefore calling it quits. You can still follow me on other social media platforms where I usually hang out. I want to thank the people who supported me in my journey over the Twitter-sphere. I had many great memories and relieved them. Until then, I will see you over there!

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