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It’s been a while since I last wrote a story on here, but I’m moving off the platform in a new direction.

Hello everyone,

In the coming months, I will begin transitioning out of Medium and drive my blog into self-hosting with the variants of taste and style that I have always wanted to do over the years. It’s been a dream I had for so long, but I never had the time to do it. Quality blog writing is the key to my success; it takes so much effort and time to do it. Don’t worry; my older posts will migrate from Medium once the transition completes.

I ❤ technology as much as the community. It grows and evolves together. Things change time after time. Programming has been the heart of my career, constantly challenging me to the core. In the future, I promise to compose more technology and life posts on my self-publication blog and any other publications that would suit me best. I have never given up on my dreams and will continue pursuing them. As Keanu Reeves would say, “You’re breathtaking!”

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