Life After Humble ISD's MOSAIC Program

Shortly after the ceremony, I now graduated from the MOSAIC program. It feels pretty awesome that I’m enjoying something that I truly embrace for the moment—looking back for the past almost three years at the program of friendship, leadership, and role model for the program. Of course, it had its ups and down with this. Mostly, I had a lot of positive impact on the program. Everything that I’ve touched on will be imprinted into my legacy forever. It is the perfect time to improve and reach as many people as possible. Let’s backtrack a little bit of the story.

Right before the Spring ‘18 college semester started, I had to evaluate my options on whether or not I should continue with the program. This decision was callous; most of all, there were risks ahead of me. In early January 2018, I was released from the program, moved forward with life, and sparked the light. My friends were stunned that I had made this decision for myself. My friends in the program honestly didn’t want me to go. However, I had no choice but to do it because of the college schedule I’ve put up and challenged myself for something I have never done.