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Shortly after the ceremony, I now graduated from the MOSAIC program. It feels pretty awesome that I’m enjoying something that I truly embrace for the moment—looking back for the past almost three years at the program of friendship, leadership, and role model for the program. Of course, it had its ups and down with this. Mostly, I had a lot of positive impact on the program. Everything that I’ve touched on will be imprinted into my legacy forever. It is the perfect time to improve and reach as many people as possible. Let’s backtrack a little bit of the story.

Right before the Spring ‘18 college semester started, I had to evaluate my options on whether or not I should continue with the program. This decision was callous; most of all, there were risks ahead of me. In early January 2018, I was released from the program, moved forward with life, and sparked the light. My friends were stunned that I had made this decision for myself. My friends in the program honestly didn’t want me to go. However, I had no choice but to do it because of the college schedule I’ve put up and challenged myself for something I have never done.

Fast forward to 5 months later, without the Mosaic support, it has been the best decision to live anew and stride for greatness thanks to one of the key tactics I’ve had for years. Over the years in the program, I began to develop and analyze a plan that would help coordinate my own goals and theirs. My biggest questions during my time in the program were:

  1. What can I do to help better serve my community?
  2. (I’ve been struggling with this for a long time, but this is the most common one) How can I improve myself over the next five years after leaving the program and continuing into the workforce?
  3. What leadership should values be put into when there are a lot of students that have different levels of learning styles and cultures?

These questions have pondered me for a long time, and it still does it for me. I’ve connected with many people in the real world and online on many social platforms. I was known as the influencer of the program because my people believed that I helped accelerate many projects for the program. I realize the only way is to serve my people and the community through love and passion.

What can I do to help better serve my community?

Community service is always the best thing to give and devote to the cause. I’ve long supported this for a very long time since my high school times. It is one of the many stems that helped shape my education, career, and valuable life lectures that always make me reflect on what I did previously. Many opportunities may require a lot of assistance and aiding those who are in need. I seek philanthropy and giving back to those in need of either time or value that will help better serve my community and others.

How can I improve myself over the next life years after leaving the program and continuing into the workforce?

It is a tricky question that I’ve had trouble answering for years. I am willing to adapt to new stuff as I progress. I plan to bring new concepts, surprises, and a new lifestyle in the next five years. I’m open to new things along the way and provide feedback whenever needed.

What leadership should values be put into when there are a lot of students that have different levels of learning styles and cultures?

I encounter many students and peers at my community college with various backgrounds and cultures, making me unique. Thanks to the student organizations who’ve helped me connect and network with many acquaintances and friends I’ve met throughout my two years of college.

Back to the point, having this knowledge allows me to reflect and learn from the mistakes that I previously made before. I try my hardest not to repeat the same bait (error) in the future. I also learned that these values reflect my views on my branding (it’s true). In perspective, I am selling myself for the highest stakes of competition (especially where job markets are highly demanding). Another value that I always use is the leading example methods to new, current, and recently graduated college students. Most people don’t know what to do until they open their inner shells themselves.

I have worked hard for the past two years to get where I am. I wouldn’t ever do it without the guidance of teachers, paraprofessionals, and the administration that sought my destiny. From the first day of the program not know anything; now, a graduate with solid objectives in life. I shared common ground with my people. My people have long considered me as the “catalyst” and “influencer” of the program. I was not surprised when they announced my award for the Mosaic Spirit Award at the end-of-the-year ceremony. It was clear that it deserved to be known for that. Finally, in my last words as a Mosaic student before becoming a graduate, I delivered my closing remarks to the world and released them under my publication.

Finally, I thank everyone who made a massive impact on me, and I am grateful for that. Now, I run into the corners of the earth to do the impossible.

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