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To my friends who now graduated from the program: What a time to celebrate the moment. I am proud of you, guys. I never been this emotional that I want to share my story here. From everything that I worked with you guys, that was completely unforgettable experience for many of us including myself. Your voices will be heard very loud and clear. I know for a fact that everything you contributed to this program is astounding for me and everyone inside of it. You guys let me live for the energy that I truly deserve for. Without you, none of this would of been the same. I want to honestly say a huge thank you for everything. That was the best year we’ve could of imagined. I always tell people to seek their best version of themselves after their time in the program is up.

Absolutely no one is ever truly left behind at anything. I never think that “I can’t do this at all” because by saying that, it hinders me or anyone from unlocking new possibilities and abilities that may hold ahead of me. Now that you guys are now adults, you are setting into the real-world stuff and embracing the challenges ahead of you. Believe it or not, this is actually happening. You are on your own. The next steps in your life is completely up to you. You can do whatever you want to do with it. No one is ever going to stop you because that people say “you can’t do this such and such because [insert a comment],” which is completely wrong. For heaven sakes, you can do it but it requires time and resources that you need to achieve it. Sometimes. It can be risky but it will be worth it in the end.

It also brings to my attention that not many of us are public speakers. I completely understand that. I am in favor of doing public and private speeches because my talents brought new ways to overcome that fear. You sought different ways to hone my skill set and I do thank you for that, too.

In the end, you guys deserved it! I wish you the very best in life and good luck!

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